Our partnered charities - 10% to Make a Difference.

Our company was founded to overcome one very simple, yet widespread occurrence: 

"Everyone has the ability to develop better habits, but more often than not, we choose not to."

However, in order to champion our mission, we couldn't overlook a devastating number of people in the world who are in environments where they literally cannot practice living a healthy lifestyle.  

Whether it's drinking water, eating healthy, or planning ahead, our team at INSA works everyday in an effort to diminish the external barriers of habit-building through designing a collection of affordable products. 

In an effort to bridge our environments and promote greater access, we are partnering with the following organizations to help those less fortunate. 

10% to Make a Difference is a commitment to donate a tenth of all our profits to the following organizational charities: 


Clean Water + A Fair Chance for Every Child

Access to clean water is a right.


International Women's Empowerment = Education + Rights 

To end an era of gender inequality and poor access to education. 


Opportunity starts with safe water.

Modern ideas to tackle a timeless problem. There's a smart way to end the water crisis. 


Let's make a difference, together.

- Chantelle Lee and Ria Galiano (Co-founders of IN•SA)