IN•SA Hydrate 2.0™

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 Jump-start your 2020 and start building a healthy habit of hydrating. 

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Here is what we want you to know. 

75% of the world's population is caught in an ongoing cycle of chronic dehydration. If you feel like you could be doing a much better job of staying hydrated, our mission is to help you break free and conquer hydration. We've designed the INSA Hydrate 2.0 to aide you in developing a daily habit of drinking water. 

Feel great, look great, and live great – that’s why we hydrate.

Why our customers chose the INSA 2.0 over other flasks: 

  • A built-in reminder system to prompt you to drink water every hour (LED lights and vibration notification, no sound disturbance)
  • Never run out of battery - a full charge takes less than 30 minutes and lasts up to 60 days.
  • Triple-leak tested so you never have to worry about keeping it upright in your bag.
  • Excellent insulation - industry grade double walled aluminum vacuum flask that will keep your drinks just the way you want them.
  • Color-guided temperature indicator - OLED touch screen temperature display with a built-in LED color indicator (blue = cool, red = hot, green = warm).
  • Never worry about spilling while driving - in addition to an original twist-to-open cap, we added a push-to-open design with an inner nozzle to make it 100% easy and safe to drink from this thermos with just one hand while on a commute.

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